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FullDuplex is your partner for IT Services from infrastructure to cloud to security.

Managed IT Infrastructure Services

We design, implement and manage your IT infrastructure… So you can focus on your business

Free your business from the cost and burden of IT infrastructure management. 

Cloud Connected Network

Award winning cloud connectivity and networking expertise.


Rock solid access for your employees to your network, data, & the world. 

Cloud Application Access

Public & private cloud hosted applications.

Telephony & VOIP

Deep expertise with leading phone systems & video conferencing.

Cloud Storage

Your data, stored, backed up and available to employees. 

Single Sign-On

Simplified access and management to core systems.

Migration Support

We handle the hard stuff so you don’t have to.

Security & Compliance

Deep experience with health care, finance & government requirements.

24/7 Support

Business never stops and neither do we; so you can sleep easy.


Want to Stop Dealing with IT So You Can Focus on Your Business?

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managed application services

We host and manage your application infrastructure, so your software is screaming fast and you can scale

Scale When You Need It

State of the art hardware that is constantly being upgraded gives you the performance you need. Massive computing power always on, ready and waiting. No massive capital expense or procurement lead times. No install/upgrade delays. 

No surprise bills 2X last months (yes we’re talking about you AWS)


Redundant Redundancies

The fastest fiber in multiple directions means your app will always be connected. Automated monitoring, proprietary management & maintenance protocols keep your system optimized. Our 24/7 expert level systems engineering coverage is the best backstop you can have. As you would expect, redundant, power, environment controls in multiple data centers allows us 99.9999% uptime. 

"It Just Works"

Building software, servicing customers, and selling new ones should be the focus of every part of your business. We keep your infrastructure purring along as consistent as water comes out of a faucet. 

Safe & Secure

Medical, health care companies, governments, and financial institutions have rigorous security standards. They trust us to keep their data and their infrastructure safe and secure, so can you.

We Meet You Where You Are

We’ve been in your shoes… so we get it. It doesn’t matter if you are running an app on a server in the closet, have your own data center or co-location facility or maybe you are in AWS thinking it would be easy and cheap and found out it isn’t exactly easy nor cheap*.

We can help.  

We’ll help you craft the right cloud strategy, migration plan and we’ll handle the dirty stuff so you can focus on your app.

*on average clients save 40% every month when they switch from AWS. Just saying…


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What They’re Saying

Customer Testimonials

Zerista provides web and mobile apps to many of the largest conferences & conventions in the world. Democratic National Convention, Mobile World Congress, BIO International to name a few.

With massive spikes in user volume and millions of dollars on the line, there is no margin for error. Zerista’s app has to work.

“Full Duplex ended the roller coaster of self managed AWS. They cut our application hosting costs by 50%, increased our application’s performance so it was snappy fast, and gave us professional infrastructure management that was vital to our success. And… the service levels from people we actually could talk to was spectacular.”

Peter Hoskins

CEO, Zerista

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IT Infrastructure as a Service

All critical business IT systems managed for you. Eliminate the complexity, create confidence with no expensive hardware to buy or team to build.

We just handle it. 

Managed Application Hosting

Highly scalable, stable, and secure application hosting with deep experts overseeing performance so you can focus on your software, customers, and your business.  

It just works.

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